Skin is our largest organ as well as our frontline defense mechanism. As we move along in this world our skin faces many challenges such as dirt, harsh pollution, chemicals and other toxic substances. As we age, our skin cells get damaged more easily and loses its elasticity as its immunity becomes worse. Even our own metabolism and sebum excretion can cause skin problems.  



Take a look at what our average skin looks like up close




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Yes it doesn't look pleasant to the eyes but this is the reality and you either ignore it or face it and deal with it. If you are still washing your face and buying skin care products to take care of your skin but only find out that no product could solve all or even any of your skin's problems, then here's the reason why - NO MATTER how you clean up your face, your skin never really gets cleaned thoroughly because of the skin's natural composition, which is why your pores are still always clogged and the enlarged pores don't reduce in size. Take a closer look and you will see BILLIONS of germs, bacteria and other microbials actually living on your skin. 




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best moisturizer acne oily skin dry skin probiotic




Don't freak out, because in reality we just live with all of those microbials and our skin is naturally breathing to filter them out so that they don't get into our body and make us become sick. But because our skin deals with them the whole time and as we age our skin's ability to deal with them decreases and the skin's immunity weakens. The skin starts to lose its defense abilities when we turn roughly around 16 years of age. As we grow older we might have less pimples, but our skin tone and texture becomes worse, and an up close average uneven skin tone looks like the picture below









As a part of our body's immune system, our skin works like this










It is constantly 'breathing' in order to filter the bacteria and bring in oxygen and nutrients. But in the modern society there has always been a little too much for our skin to handle. 



Now you understand why we introduced NO FACE Immunity Moisturizer?



NOFACE Immunity Moisturizer contains a dermal probiotic blend formulated to get rid of the bad bacteria that you've seen in the pictures above, and is approved by the Australian Dermaceutical Organisation as dermaceutical grade. This is the result of 24 weeks after using the Moisturizer for both days and nights:



After 24 weeks, the bad bacteria have almost diminished and the skin becomes much clearer, the skin tone becomes more even, and the impurities are almost gone.

( Female, 54 years of age)

best dry skin moisturizer oily skin upclose acne rosacea

*Tested by Australian Dermaceutical Lab in Sydney, 2016


No matter how old you are and what your gender is, you need a high quality skin care product to do the same things: Hydrating, Protecting, Nourishing. Every product seems to do different things. Some claim to brighten the tone, some reduce wrinkles, some get rid of acnes etc. But not many consumers really understand how those products work. In theory, any product with beneficial ingredients should achieve the same results. But in reality, it depends on the sources of the ingredients, the processing and preserving of their natural attributes, and the delivery system into your body etc. And many companies exaggerate what their products can do by quoting what kind of ingredients are used. Again, in theory those ingredients may be capable of doing those things but those benefits are limited to the processing and the interactions with other ingredients as well as the preserving of their natural attributes. Many companies quote clinical lab results based on cellular experiments rather than human trials, so the consumers can't feel the claimed benefits, because they are never proven through valid human trials. NO FACE products go through three different stages in human trials and are proven to be effective. In the consumer feedbacks we also noticed an increasing amount of complaints against other skin care products that fail to deliver the results that are promised. In this industry the companies often exaggerate the benefits for their profits, but we don't fool our clients here at NO FACE. The NO FACE Immunity Moisturizer for example, contains powerful substances that are proven to brighten the skin a lot more effectively than the natural vitamin C, but we can't stress on that fact because a single ingredient would not work without a complicated reactive process within an organism. So how effective a product or ingredient is totally depends on how your body reacts to it, and your diet, general health condition, age, sun exposure, level of exercises etc all have significant impact on your dermal health. In order for a skin care product to act most effectively on the human organism, the cellular delivery system and the ingredients' effectiveness are crucial. We are proud to have developed the NO FACE Immunity Moisturizer and we truly believe that this is a product that can benefit the universal human skin.


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