Skin Diary: Here's What Happened After Using ACTIVITA Skin Vitamin CEFR for 6 Weeks

Skin Diary: Here's What Happened After Using ACTIVITA Skin Vitamin CEFR for 6 Weeks

Rebecca (Customer, Product Reviewer)
5 minute read

Week 1:
It's the first day of my journey with ACTIVITA Skin Vitamin C Complex, and I'm excited to see how this product will work on my skin. After cleansing my face, I applied the serum and noticed no added scent in the product. The texture is lightweight and easily absorbed into my skin.

ACTIVITA Supreme Skin Vitamin C Complex

ACTIVITA Supreme Skin Vitamin C Complex


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(My skin pigmentation under NO FACE Skin Analyzer )

The first 3 days - no visible change happened, and I was a bit frustrated as I'd tried so many kinds of vitamin Cs but nothing seemed to work. I then contacted a skin advisor at NO FACE, and I was told that I could add a booster to accelerate the result, but it's not recommended for sensitive skin types as it could cause irritation. At this point, I didn't care if my skin would be irritated as I just wanted to see results desperately, so I agreed to add a booster, and I was recommended the Clarifier ENZY Treatment that I bought along with the ACTIVITA, essentially a product to activate the skin before using the ACTIVITA C so that the vitamins get absorbed a lot better into deep skin layers. It made my skin so itchy that I wanted to scratch my face off! The active enzymes are like live bacteria too eat away the superficial impurities on the skin, but luckily the irritation only lasted around 45 minutes. I then applied the ACTIVITA C. Throughout the week, I began to observe subtle changes in my skin. The most noticeable improvement was the lightening of my skin pigmentation. The areas of hyperpigmentation that had bothered me for a while seemed to be less prominent. I was pleasantly surprised by the initial results.

Week 2:
As I continued using Clarifier ENZY with ACTIVITA Skin Vitamin C, the lightening of my skin pigmentation became more evident. The spots that were once visibly darker began to blend in with the surrounding skin. My complexion looked more even, and I could see a subtle radiance beginning to emerge.

Apart from pigmentation lightening, I also noticed that my skin felt smoother and more hydrated. The serum's skin rejuvenating properties seemed to be working wonders, as my face felt plumper and supple to the touch. I was thrilled with the progress I was seeing after just two weeks.

Week 3:
Week 3 brought further improvements in the appearance of my skin as I started the second bottle of the ACTIVITA. The pigmentation that had troubled me for so long continued to fade, and I could barely distinguish it anymore. I felt more confident without the need for heavy makeup to conceal those spots.

Not only did the ACTIVITA Skin Vitamin C help in reducing pigmentation, but it also seemed to have a rejuvenating effect on my skin. The overall texture of my complexion appeared smoother, and fine lines seemed less noticeable. I even received compliments from friends and family, who commented on how healthy and radiant my skin looked.

Week 4:
At the halfway point of my six-week journey, I couldn't be happier with the transformation my skin was undergoing. The areas that used to be affected by pigmentation were now nearly invisible. My complexion had an undeniable glow, and I felt like my skin was getting a fresh start.

Another aspect I noticed was the improved elasticity of my skin. It felt firmer, and I could see a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The ACTIVITA Skin Vitamin C had truly revitalized my skin, making it appear more youthful and vibrant.

Week 5:
As I entered the fifth week of using ACTIVITA Skin Vitamin C for the third bottle, I was amazed at the continued progress. The remaining traces of pigmentation were barely visible, and I marveled at how much my skin had transformed in such a short time.

The overall brightness and clarity of my complexion were astonishing. I no longer felt the need to use excessive amounts of foundation or concealer to hide imperfections. My skin looked so healthy that I even received inquiries about the secret behind my radiant glow.

Week 6:
The final week of my ACTIVITA Skin Vitamin C journey had arrived, and I couldn't wait to see the final results. The pigmentation that had once plagued me was now virtually nonexistent. My skin had achieved a newfound luminosity and a youthful vibrancy that I hadn't experienced in years.

I reflected on the past six weeks, and I couldn't be more grateful for discovering this product. ACTIVITA Skin Vitamin C had truly transformed my skin, not only by lightening pigmentation but also by rejuvenating it from within. The serum had become an essential part of my skincare routine, and I was excited to continue using it to maintain these remarkable results.

In conclusion, my six-week experience with ACTIVITA Skin Vitamin C exceeded all my expectations. The progressive lightening of pigmentation, along with the rejuvenating effects. Full disclosure, I did use the C twice a day throughout the 6 weeks journey, and added the Clarifier ENZY to accelerate the result on day 4, and I only started feeling a good deal of difference after adding Clarifier ENZY, so I cannot say for sure that the results are all due to using the ACTIVITA C alone, I do believe that the benefits of the ACTIVITA C were brought out significantly after using the Clarifier. Another thing to note is that I did use 3 bottles in 6 weeks as I used it generously to hydrate and correct the pigmentation for a more noticeable result, but I might only do 2 bottle treatments in the future to slow down the skin changes in order to save money. This is just my personal experience, hope it can be used as a reference if you too suffer from pigmentation related issues! 

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