Multi-Peptide Divide Age Treatment Toner

Multi-Peptide Divide Age Treatment Toner - No Face Skincare
Multi-Peptide Divide Age Treatment Toner - No Face Skincare
Multi-Peptide Divide Age Treatment Toner - No Face Skincare

Multi-Peptide Divide Age Treatment Toner

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Unveil the fountain of youth with the innovative ACTIVITA Divide Age Treatment Toner! Specially designed to address and mitigate the multifaceted signs of ageing and UV damage, this cutting edge toner brings together a powerful blend of peptides, micronutrients, and hydrating agents, promising you a journey back to radiant, youthful, and firm skin.

Key Benefits:

1. Age-Defying & Repairing:
  • Matrixyl 3000 Peptides: These powerful peptides stimulate collagen production and repair the deep skin dermis, resulting in reduced appearance of wrinkles and a revitalized skin structure.
  • Copper Tripeptide-1: Renowned for its skin regeneration properties, it promotes healing, collagen synthesis, and anti-inflammatory responses, contributing to youthful and resilient skin.

2. Plumping & Volumizing:
Micromolecular Hyaluronic Acids: With the ability to penetrate the skin matrix, these acids work to hydrate and increase skin volume, rendering a visibly plump and smooth effect.

3. Reversing UV & Age Damage:
The synergistic action of the active ingredients works meticulously to reverse skin damage attributed to ageing and UV exposure, unveiling a renewed and vibrant complexion.

4. Firming & Rejuvenating:
With continuous use, experience a noticeable lift and firmness in your skin, as the toner rejuvenates the deep skin matrix and revitalizes your complexion.

5. Long-Lasting Youthfulness:
The toner's profound benefits culminate in long-lasting youthful skin that feels firmer, smoother, and radiates a natural glow.

Why Choose ACTIVITA Divide Age Treatment Toner?

  • Scientifically Proven Formula: Grounded in extensive research and clinical testing, this toner guarantees efficacy and safety in reversing signs of ageing.
  • Advanced Peptide Technology: Utilizing advanced peptide technology, it addresses ageing at a cellular level, offering deep repair and rejuvenation.
  • Hydrating & Non-Greasy: The fast-absorbing and hydrating formula ensures a non-greasy finish, making it an ideal addition to your daily skincare regimen.
  • Sustained Results: Regular application leads to sustained results, with progressively smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin.

Embrace the transformative power of ACTIVITA Divide Age Treatment Toner and let your skin relive its youthful days. Experience the rejuvenation, the firmness, and the radiant glow that come with ageless beauty!

Spray directly on face and body multiple times a day as needed.

Transparent fluid; Non-sticky; Fragrance Free


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