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This is where you can shop skincare with NO stress. Because we KNOW your face well.

NO FACE is an advanced Skin Knowledge based skincare product retailer providing consumer skin needs through its full service online platform and professional network. With a selection of curated skin brands for universal skin needs, NO FACE differentiates by providing dedicated professional skin advice for individual consumers. NO = KNOW. We are driven by skin knowledge. You are assigned with a dedicated accredited Skin Advisor to help you understand your skin needs and choose the right products to get your skin goals. NO = No harmful or unproven ingredients. All ingredients and formulas are researched, peer reviewed, lab tested, dermatologically approved. NO = NO Stress in skincare. With efficacy proven new tech formulas and round the clock streamlined support, we take the stress out of your skincare concerns.

We are determined to provide you with a lifelong 5 star experience.

At NO FACE, our products should work 100% for your skin, otherwise, please reach out to us, so that our accredited skin advisors can show you the correct way to use them. If the product still doesn't work for your skin, we can swap for a more suitable product if you have completed the 4D Skin Assessment. If the product still doesn't work, then you can return the product for a hassle free refund. We take the stress out of your life.

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4D Skin Type
The fundamental skin type determines your skin conditions. Skin conditions may change over time or due to environmental factors, the fundamental skin type may be corrected and regulated, but may not change over time. Knowing your skin's fundamental skin type can be helpful for choosing the right products and routines that are suitable for you.
4 Parameters of the Skin
The fundamental skin type is determined by the 4 Primary Parameters of the Skin:
Hydration  Parameter
Determines dryness/oiliness associated with sebum production and hydrating evaporation or TEWL.
Resilience  Parameter
Determines sensitivity of the skin.
Pigmentation Parameter
Determines melanin production.
Firmness Parameter
Determines laxity and wrinkles of the skin.
How to know your 4D Skin Type?
Take the DisKover® 4D Skin Typing Test for Free and be automatically qualified for Skin Match Guarantee at NO FACE.
Take DisKover 4D Skin Typing Assessment to know your skin’s 4 primary parameters ( Hydration type, Sensitivity type, Pigmentation type, Ageing type)

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