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    Skin Advisor Note: We've all been through the acne period, and some of us have adult acne due to hormonal behaviours and pore congestion. For whatever reason, we've got you covered. The star ingredient retinoic acid in Evolve is highly active with pure Retinol. This is to be applied nightly right after cleansing or after using Clarifier ENZY Treatment every other night. During the day, exfoliate with the Clarifier Hydro Exfoliator twice a week, then use ACTIVITA B, which can be combined with Molecular Hydrator if your skin is dry and sensitive, for further hydration, use ACTIVITA BE Active masque. For toner, use BHA Minus Blemish Toner throughout the day. We've clinically tested and have seen great results after 3-4 weeks without side effects. 
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