Skin Health

Pore Congestion

Pore congestion is usually caused by issues such as excessive sebum production, environmental pollutants and a combination of both trapped within the dead skin, forming closed and open comedones (black and whiteheads). Sebaceous filaments can also congest pores.

What is Dead skin?

As the largest organ, human skin constantly regenerates itself and pushes the new skin cells up from the bottom layer called Stratum Basalis. The new cells combine with a protein called Keratin to form the outer layer of the skin called Stratum Corneum, also known as the skin's barrier. Thickened Stratum Corneum becomes translucent as the very top layer becomes 'dead skin'. Untreated dead skin can trap bacteria, sebum and pollutants to lead to skin blemishes. Therefore, gentle and effective exfoliation is clinically required for better skin texture.

Exfoliator vs. ENZY


For dead skin removal, instant polish and makeup preparation, use Black Clarifier (Hydro Exfoliator).

For acne, pigmentation, stubborn congestion, ageing, use White Clarifier (ENZY Treatment).