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Q1 2023

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Top 3 Sales Summary

ACTIVITA YouthFX Definer

Sales Points:

  • Instant wrinkle diminisher
  • Instant eye bag shrinker
  • Instantly brings out facial features

THe successful launch of the ACTIVITA YouthFX proves the market fit of an advanced and effective instant solution for anti-ageing beauty needs. The YouthFX has since attracted female and male consumers who have gone through clinical treatments but need extra tightening as clinical procedures don't target static wrinkles. This instant solution covers the gap of the clinical solutions and it's an affordable alternative to invasive treatments, and it also doesn't cause side effects, as it can be washed away at any time and lasts up to 12 hours.

CLARÏFÍER HD Hydro Exfoliator

Sales Points:

  • Acid and scrub free formula
  • Exfoliate without irritation
  • Smooth & prepares skin

Skin smoothing for an instant result shows customer needs for hygiene and health, as well as for instant gratification for a better appearance. With the past few years rapidly changing people's hygiene practice, skin exfoliation is more important than ever. Traditional acids and scrubs no longer meet consumer demands for gentle and effective exfoliation, as they tend to cause more irritation and compromise the epidermal barrier defence. Clarifier came in time with the HD Hydro Exfoliator containing Keratease, to physically take away dead skin by breaking down keratin, as the dead skin is made of keratin, thus easily reveal smooth skin. This gender neutral cool modern bottle design inspires everyone to stay beautiful.


Sales Points:

  • 3 Most Researched Vitamins
  • Activated in 1 formula;
  • Clinical trials for eye concerns;

This best seller is proof that anti-ageing remains the #1 consumer concern about their appearance, and the demand is still growing with all the generations of our society facing both digital and environmental pollution that accelerates ageing, and the first noticeable sign starts around the eyes. This smart formula contains vitamin A C and E, also with 2 "+" standing for peptides and Vitamin K. In such a concentrated and nourishing formula, ACTIVITA is showing the brand determination to provide consumers an all-in-one solution for all ageing issues around the eyes.

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