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    Clarify pores and brush out the deep congestion with PoreTech Fibres® . Thinner than 0.1mm per Fibre® , FacePal can easily assist with clearing pores without the excessive abrasion. Dermatologically Tested and Approved.


    FacePal scientific facial cleansing pads are tested to gently reach inside the pores for daily cleansing.

    Dermatologically developed for all skin types, FacePal is made with FACE FIBRE™ Tech, through RFF (Reduced Friction Fibres), to gently remove environmental pollution, sebum congestion and sunscreen/makeup.

    How to use

    Use FacePal to wash the skin with just water or a facial cleanser, then wipe the skin dry with it.


    • Deep daily cleansing
    • Makeup and Sunscreen removing
    • Clear pores
    • Less congestion
    • Reduced blackheads/whiteheads and overall blemishes

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    2 products
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