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    KNOWSKIN™️ is an advanced skin type developed by NO FACE Cosmetic Technology through Diskover™️ Assessment. Combining 4 primary skin parameters, KNOWSKIN Type is a better way to understand your true skin type and possible conditions it can develop. KNOWSKIN Type is recognised by authorised cosmetic dermatologists to assist consumers and professionals choose the best NO FACE products to achieve skin goals.

    Skin Type OSEL

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    OSEL Characteristics

    Oily, Sensitive, Evenly Pigmented, Lax

    Often prone to acne breakouts or facial redness. This skin type requires stratum corneum defensive skin regimen in order to protect the skin’s barrier to avoid further inflammatory issues. Lifestyle changes such as avoiding sun exposure, avoiding excessive oxidative stress will help reduce inflammatory responses. Skincare routine should include vitamin B and C derivatives, non-irritating or encapsulated retinoic ingredients and balancing, non-sensitizing products to serve as corrective treatments.

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