Formulate Your Own PHYTOGEN Factor Cocktail

PHYTOGEN Factors are made from natural organic DNA chains in their finest natural form and were developed to be used both on their own and in the mix. Research shows that PHYTOGEN factor effects are enhanced by up to 30 times when mixed together.  

phytogen no face

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Universal Base: 99  


Maximum Seasonal Hydrating Cocktail Formula

  1. 2 Drops of 99
  2. 1 Drop of Cr
  3. 1 Drop of Ig

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Pore Detox Cocktail Formula

pore detox no face

  1. 2 Drops of P3
  2. 1 Drop of L6

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Ultimate Complexion Perfecting Cocktail Formula

complexion perfecting phytogen

  1. 2 Drops of 8900
  2. 1 Drop of M1
  3. 1 Drop of M67
  4. 1 Drop of P3 (optional pore shrinking step)

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Anti-aging Wrinkle Inhibiting Cocktail Formula

best anti-aging factor australia no face

  1. 3 Drops of B9
  2. 3 Drops of 900

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UV Repair Cocktail Formula


best uv repair australia natural no face

    1. 2 Drops of 99
    2. 2 Drops of KC
    3. 1 Drop of Cr

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Immune Enhancing Sensitive Skin/Rosacea Treatment Cocktail Formula

sensitive skin remedy

  1. 1 Drop of 98
  2. 1 Drop of Ig
  3. 1 Drop of Cr
  4. 1 Drop of L3

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Blackhead/whitehead/Blemish Removal Cocktail Formula

blackheads removal

  1. 3 Drops of 99
  2. 2 Drops of P3
  3. 1 Drop of L6

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Acne Clearing + Inhibiting Cocktail Formula

best acne treatment australia

  1. 1 Drop of L3
  2. 1 Drop of L4
  3. 1 Drop of L5
  4. 1 Drop of L6
  5. 1 Drop of L7 

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