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PHYTOGEN is a range of highly purified factors targeting all of skin's problems for every day needs, including hydration, acnes, complexion issues and aging related issues.

Potent Factors and Peptides

Normal skincare products contain plant extraction as a whole, meaning that they may contain toxins and impurities that may cause irritation, allergy and side effects. Effective factors and peptides in each PHYTOGEN ampoule are extremely potent and do not contain toxins, and only target specific skin problems.

PHYTOGEN ingredients are lab extracted and highly purified. Effective peptides are isolated for re-combination or iso-extraction purposes depending on the product. 




Assume Blue chains contain oil gland stimulating factors, therefore used for dry skins, while Pink Chains are inhibitors prohibiting Blue chains from stimulating oil glands, therefore not suitable for dry skins. Combine with these two peptide chains, Blue chain effects are minimized, and normal skincare brands that contain such peptides may advertise the benefits of the peptides, but they cannot provide efficacy.

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PHYTOGEN facilitates phyto isolated proteins for target treatment uses such. Isolated proteins are tested on plants and paid humans (NO FACE is cruelty free and does not perform animal testing) for efficacy measurements. 

Isolated DNA Chains 

PHYTOGEN products contain isolated DNA values for cellular repairing values and skin reconstructing benefits. Post laser treatments for example, requires proper cell repairing to form new regenerated skin to avoid scarring, pigmentation and premature aging. 

Isolated Amino Acids

When not isolated, amino acids can cause side effects when used in the long run, such as causing severe oil imbalance, UV sensitivity etc. PHYTOGEN only contains isolated amino acids for target purposes.


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