5 Bad Skincare Habits to Avoid

You may have a great routine that would work well for the long run, but it's the bad habits that can ruin the results. After analysing thousands of customer behaviours, we've gathered the top 5 skincare habits that everyone should avoid in order to achieve better skin results. 

1. Not Cleansing Pores

Many people have the wrong idea that as long as a cleanser is used and rinsed off, the skin would be clean. It's true that the surface dirt and excessive oils may be removed quite a bit, the pollutants that are attached to the skin lipids trapped within the pores are most likely still logged inside. Let's take a look at what's inside the pores:


This is what happens after a full day even if you don't go out, as the skin would naturally excrete sebum and attract dust/dirt/pollutants from the air:

A sufficient cleanser would take away only the surface pollutants:

A good cleanser like H4O Resolve HD can resolve deeper pore pollutants up to 90%


However, this is still not a thorough cleansing procedure. Ideally you should be using a professional tool to take out the deep pollutants as your fingers can never reach pore deep to physically take out what's inside, then you're more prone to forming blackheads and whiteheads. Using a tool like Facepal would help take out up to 100% of what's trapped within the pores. The proprietary Face Fibers are microscopically measured so that they can reach inside the pores and physically take out the deep pore congestion. 

2. Not Exfoliating Properly 

Exfoliation isn't just for mature and oily skin types. Even if you have sensitive skin, you would still have dead skin built up around the pores, and it's important to remove them. It's just a matter of how, rather than why. Shedding dead skin is a natural process for everyone, and it takes around 28 days for the surface skin to shed, but they don't always shed evenly, leaving some of them trapped in pores or just attached on the surface, resulting in uneven texture and skin tone. Most people would go for an acid exfoliant as they've become readily available in the market, however, acids such as AHA and BHA can irritate the skin and cause harm to already sensitive skin types, and further damage the skin barrier for sensitive skin, resulting in hyperpigmentation and serious skin problems. Scrubs were used for many years until new research proved that they can scratch the skin surface and cause microbial imbalance and micro tears, making the skin more prone to uv damage and spots. If you have occasional breakouts, then you should be even more careful not to use scrubs as they can encourage bacterial growth and spread. Choose a gentle keratin attaching exfoliant that's acid and scrub free, such as Clarifier Hydro Exfoliator, formulated with Keratease®, an exclusive proprietary enzyme ingredient to dissolve dead skin gently without causing skin irritation. It is a physical action when you massage and rub the dead skin off the face.   

3. Not using active skin vitamins

Like the body, the skin also needs essential vitamins to function naturally. Vitamins such as A B and C are extremely important as they all play different parts in regulating the skin health and to make sure that pigments get metabolised, elasticity gets maintained and cellular renewal is in check in order for the natural glow to be visible. However, skin vitamins don't often provide an instant result as it takes at least weeks for the skin to start the transformation process and it will always be a work in progress as the skin constantly needs the active vitamins for the essential functions. Try using a potent skin vitamin concentrate to target advanced ageing and pore issues such as ACTIVITA.  

4. Not using a Retinoic product or Vitamin A at night

Nightly renewal means that the skin would be renewing and repairing without UV damage. Retinoic ingredients cannot be used during the day due to its photosensitivity, and it needs to be used nightly for a great result. It accelerates skin cellular functions so that hyperpigmentation gets reduced, blemishes get eliminated and pores get much clearer. Use non-irritating ACTIVITA A or Dermatology Evolve for visible nightly renewal results. 

5. Not sticking to the routine

Even if you have a perfect routine that's proven to work, the results would lapse if you don't keep it going. The skin is constantly working if your routine isn't. Meaning that the pores will become congested if you don't wash your face twice a day properly, and the spots would occur if you don't use the right vitamins and active ingredients daily and nightly. It's like the fact that you would feel hungry if you skip meals, and the skin would be thirsty for all the good active nutrients if you don't mind it regularly and on a daily basis. 

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