A new way to reduce pigmentation and sun damage


Pigmentation and sun damage. No matter how hard we try to minimise the effect of the sun over time, it will never happen. While the sun is excellent for overall health, too much exposure can leave pigmentation and sunspots over time. Sunscreen is your go-to for prevention, but what about the already existing scars?  

First of let's break down exactly what pigmentation is. Melanin is a type of pigment that gives colour to the skin. Overexposure to the sun and extended exposure over long periods can cause an uneven increase in melanin production. Other forms of sun damage can vary from sunspots to melasma. Sun damage is based on a scale of how deep it has penetrated the skin, some damage can be permanent, whilst for some, you can reduce the appearance with consistent use of skincare products over time.

This is where our fabulous duo comes in to help with what you can improve—introducing our Clarifier High Definition Exfoliator (Clarifier Black). This formula works to exfoliate the skin without any harsh scrubbing. Using patented technology, it penetrates the outer layers of the skin and whisks away superficial and embedded impurities. The skin's natural exfoliation process boosts, revealing a moisturised and glowing complexion.


Next is our Clarifier Enzy High Definition Advanced Poretech Formula (Clarifier Enzy). This formula is the foundational step for skin to achieve an overall vibrant appearance by dissolving impurities like pore congestion and accumulated oils. It helps to reduce general skin stress after being exposed to environmental agitators. This process also dissolves hyperactive pigments, which break down the stubborn melanin that has been deposited into the top layer of the skin. Clarifier Enzy helps to improve the overall appearance of sun-damaged skin and uneven skin. Both of these products are true heroes in reducing pre-existing sun damage.


We recommend first going in with Clarifier black to exfoliate and banish all forms of congestion. Apply to a slightly damp face, massage in for 30 to 60 seconds and then rinse. This is when our Clarifier Enzy comes in. Use Clarifier Enzy first as a spot treatment, especially for sensitive skin. Then if no irritation occurs, use all over. You should expect to feel some minor peeling and almost a sunburn sensation. This is normal. Our Clarifier treatments will resurface the top layer of skin blemishes, leaving you with a tingling sensation.

To finish off, use Activita Vital Cream for Sensitive & Dry Skin. This Vital cream is powered with active free radical fighters to help fight signs of hyperpigmentation, leaving your skin with a bright and even tone.


The trio of products works like they were made for each other. Using this combination over some time will dramatically reduce any signs of sunspots and hyperpigmentation. What more could you want?


NO FACE is an innovative next-generation clean skincare brand. Next-Gen Skincare means NO Toxin, NO Fragrance, NO Fake claims, NO Bias against skin types, NO Unfair treatment to the environment and workers. With patented technologies and researched new ingredients that are more effective, selective, sustainable, and bio-friendly, NO FACE is a leading social impact-aware skincare brand towards 100% sustainability.

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