Activated Eye Exercise - ACE Eye Workout

Why Eye Treatment?

Digital pollution has become a major concern in our everyday lives, as the majority of us are required to work in front of the screen for the most of the time, our eyes are becoming increasingly stressed due to the blue light and strains, which all contribute to chronic eye fatigue and accelerated ageing with skin laxity.

Dark Circles 

2 main reasons causing dark circles are generally considered to be Hyperpigmentation and Circulation. Hyperpigmentation can contribute to darker colouring around the eyes, presented as an orange or yellow tone. In order to target hyperpigmentation, active ingredients such as vitamin C and brightening agents are essential, and for circulation, vitamin K and proper massage would allow the eye area to be more relaxed to allow better circulation.


Puffiness is usually due to fluid retention. Sleep and eye fatigue can contribute to puffiness. It's important to keep eye health and some active ingredients can also help boost the circulation through proper eye workout. Puffiness can also be due to subcutaneous fat, resulting in eye bags. Fat is stubborn and often require clinical procedures to be removed. However, active ingredients combined with a good eye exercise routine such as our ACE Eye workout can also activate the circulation to allow fat to be dissolved slowly.

Fine lines/Crows Feet

Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are usually the first signs of ageing, and can often make people look way older than their actual age. That's why it's important to target before they even appear, but it's never too late to start reducing them, as long as the right products and methods are combined together to supplement a healthy lifestyle.   

After years of debates and scientific research, eye skin treatments have evolved over the past decade, as eye skin is proven to be around 20% thinner than the rest of the facial skin, the products need to be more gentle but also contain active ingredients. With more and more people deal with wrinkles with injectables, while injections treat dynamic wrinkles, eye products such as ACTIVITA C and ACE++ Eye Cream treat static wrinkles, therefore they should be combined together for the best results if you've already gone through injectable treatments in your local clinic. ACTIVITA C and ACE++ Eye Cream are also effective on dark circles and hyperpigmentation, and these are the results that cannot be achieved from injections.

Who needs eye workout?

The ACE Eye Workout is dermatologically designed to help both male and female ACTIVITA users to maximise the results for brightened and de-stressed eyes for deep eye rejuvenation. Our study shows that doing the workout twice a day can help reduce dark circles within 7 days and signs of wrinkles are improved in 28 days.

What to look for in an eye product?

Look for products containing active vitamin C, E, K and peptides. Vitamin C is a potent reversing agent for brightening, and E is a nourishing antioxidant that's lipid friendly, so that it can nourish and renew UV damaged cells in delicate areas. Vitamin K can boost the circulation and reduce signs of dark circles. Peptides are essential in building the dermis for improving laxity and wrinkles. Now you've got your ACTIVITA C and the ACE++ Eye Cream at home but not sure how to use them properly? In this article we will let you know how they work and the best method to apply them. It's important to know that while it is possible to reverse the environmental damage done to the skin around the eyes to reduce signs of wrinkles, laxity and dark circles, it is important to stick to the routine daily, as the results don't kick in instantly, as it's a gradual result with consistent daily efforts.

Apply ACTIVITA C as a Booster 

Vitamin C is known to brighten the skin and provide deep rejuvenation due to its dermis re-building capabilities. This is important to the skin around the eyes, especially for people who start to experience crows feet or with advanced signs of wrinkles, a good vitamin C supplement is essential to brighten and enhance the volume around the eyes. ACTIVITA C is made for the entire facial skin including around the eyes, as it's pH balanced to be suitable for the delicate areas as a booster. It contains stabilised Vitamin C with other potent antioxidant compounds such as vitamin E and purified plant extracted brightening agents to reverse UV damaged skin around the eyes, and activate the skin's natural ability to repair universal signs of ageing due to UV and digital pollution. 

Seal with ACE++ Eye Cream 

While the ACTIVITA C helps boost eye brightening results for people with dark circles and lines, the ACE ++ Eye Cream is the main product for eye rejuvenation as it's more nourishing with multi-peptides and Vitamin K for circulation. The ACE++ Eye Cream has a creamy texture to seal in the nutrients so that active ingredients are pushed further into deep dermis for long lasting rejuvenation.


ACE Eye Anti-Fatigue & Anti-Ageing Workout 

Step by Step Guide

It's easy to incorporate ACTIVITA C in your daily routine for eye care. It's important to note that you should be careful not to allow the product to get inside the eyes as it may cause irritation. The ACTIVITA C is for the skin around the eyes for the lines and wrinkles, and use this therapy massage method below to apply the ACTIVITA C for the best results:

1. Apply 1-2 drops ACTIVITA C on your fingertip 


2. Use the fingertip to press the pressure points shown in the below picture outwardly towards your temple, on the lower eyes and upper eyes as shwon. Make sure that you PRESS and HOLD rather than SWIPE. Pressing ensures the absorption of the active ingredients. Do the same for both eyes.

3. Apply 1 pump of ACE++ Eye Cream on your fingertip, spread with gentle pressure across the lower eye skin towards the temple. Do the same for both eyes:

4. Use the same finger (as it already has the eye cream), gently massage the upper eye area, do the same for both eyes:

5. Repeat steps 3-4 until the ACE++ Eye Cream is fully absorped:


Doing these exercises both at night and in the morning will help maximise product absorption and effectively reduce signs of damage and ageing. 





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