Australian Organic Skin Care Review | NO FACE Immunity Probiotic Moisturizer

Natural Organic Probiotic Skin Care Face Lotion/Cream NO FACE Immunity Probiotic Moisturizer 50ml Review


Reviewed by Beauty Blogger Alexie

organic natural skin care no face probiotic moisturizer


Organic skin care is important in keeping our skin naturally healthy. Any chemically processed skin products can cause more damage to the skin than you might think. Usually skin care companies would produce cheaper products for their own profitability because of how our commercial world works - established factories are mostly not capable of working with organic products. To make mass productions, they have to add lots and lots of chemicals into their products to lower the cost and to preserve the ingredients, after many many heavy factory processes. 

Organic skin care products are different from traditionally mass produced products, because you can't really use some machines to process them, they get overheated or underprocessed, or have their nutrients totally destroyed, without any chemical or added agents. Therefore, skin care companies need to find or build their own capable factories in order to get the products produced, and to make sure the final product contains the active ingredients they wanted, they have to test over and over to make sure that it's worth the production. With the regulations certifying organic productions, this industry is growing faster than before. However, there's still a massive gap between what's in the market and what's demanded. Unlike average skin care products that are already well established, with all features and values available to treat all sorts of skin problems, organic skin care products are usually for moisturizing and other simple benefits. I was delighted to see NO FACE come into play in this field and contribute to something new with their probiotic ingredients. 

Probiotics are usually beneficial to the digestive system. They are essentially bacteria that help bio organic organs function normally. I've always known that there are different strains of probiotics that can be beneficial to other parts of the body such as the skin. I've tried a few probiotic skin care products before, but I didn't like their thickness and smell, and some were too oily for me. Let's be fair, if you put active ingredients like probiotics into skin care products and still make it organically, you would need to put a LOT of other natural ingredients to preserve it, so they usually turn out to be either oily, or doesn't smell right, or have a weird texture. (some even contained alcohol derivatives.) So I was surprised when I noticed that there's non of those harsh ingredients in NO FACE and that it is non-greasy. I bought one for myself and I was blown away. 



It feels very gentle and light. You don't need a lot on the face, and it allows your skin to breathe normally, because there's no oil, and the oil ingredients have been disintegrated by their nano technology, making it much easier to be absorbed by the skin. So I put it on after washing my face. I mainly wanted to try to see if a few pimples would go away after using it. I tend to have recurring acnes and they've never quite gone away. To my surprise, 3 weeks after using it day and night, my acnes are all gone and I've not had them again. I've been using it for about 4 months and I've been very happy. 


Hydration seems to be lasting for a very long time without re-applying. My face did not become oily as expected. My pores have been refined significantly and the blockage has been improved. I wouldn't say that my blockage is gone, but it did do a good job clearing things up and my pore size has gone down quite a bit, and the skin does look cleaner than before, thanks to probiotics. 



I am still using it after 4 months and I will continue using it for another 6 months to see how it goes. The size it suitable for travelling, and it looks very sleek and comfortable to the touch. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this moisturizer to anyone. 


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