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Benefits of Probiotics in Skin Care

1. Bacteria Balance

Probiotics help combat back bacteria on the surface of the skin, and restore the good bacteria to the normal level. 

2. Deep Hydration

It is no secret that addictives such as alcohol derivatives and other chemical substances are often added to moisturizers in order to help the ingredients penetrate the skin. With probiotics, those addictives won't be necessary anymore, as probiotics will naturally digest the bad bacteria on the skin that's blocking the absorption of the ingredients, thus allowing well formulated moisturizer to go deeper into the skin, providing long lasting hydration.

3. Reducing Skin Allergy and Itchiness

It has been posted by Vogue Magazine and Allure, that their doctors have found evidence that probiotic enriched moisturizer is beneficial to reduce eczema and other skin problems, and it may reduce rosacea, acnes and other skin problems. Probiotic moisturizer does so by restoring dermal bacteria to the right level, preventing further damage caused by chemicals and dirt in the environment. 

4. Improving Skin Immune System 

Probiotics on the skin will restore bacteria, help other ingredients sink in, and also protect the skin from further damage. Probiotics play an important role in restoring this balance and by not hurting the cells, they are suitable for long term usage. Gradually the skin becomes stronger with the help with probiotics. 

5. Effective Acne Treatment

Probiotics have been found to be one of the most effective contents to prevent and treat severe acnes. Rather than using antibiotics, many people with long term acne problems have switched to probiotics for the long term management, as they are more gentle and much more effective. Because probiotics are not acting as strongly as harsh chemicals, most people find it painless to get rid of their acnes. Compared to harsh acne treatments, probiotic treatment takes longer period of time, but it is well worth it for long term benefits.


NOFACE Probiotic Moisturizer is known as Immunity Moisturizer because of its premium probiotic content sourced from Australia, along with certified organic ingredients, processed through nano technology to provide better penetration, it is gentle on the skin and provides long lasting hydration and dermal protection. Dry skin types can benefit from it for the deep hydration and the probiotic content is extremely efficient in decongesting clogged pores, making it the top choice for people with oil skin types and acnes. 







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