How to choose active skin vitamins

Active skin vitamins are important in correcting skin blemishes and some play important roles in maintaining the skin's youthful appearance. However, some active skin vitamins are quite unstable when they are open and exposed to air and light. Here're some tips in choosing the best active skin vitamins. 


1. Percentage matters

The right amount of percentage means you get the sufficient dosage required to achieve the desired results. Usually you would need the minimum required percentage to get the clinically approved results, and you may need more than that percentage if you have more stubborn issues to be corrected. This is where people get confused, does percentage mean everything? If you get the highest concentration of a certain ingredient, do you just reap all the benefits? The answer is that it depends. An extremely high amount of concentration may cause more side effects than benefits, and some products may contain a high percentage but the quality can be so low that they don't produce any result at all, which brings us to the next aspect of choosing the product.


2. Quality matters

Just because some products are labeled with 15% Vitamin C or 10% Niacinamide doesn't mean they all work the same. Quality of ingredients matters A LOT in skincare. The grade of the ingredients, the original source and the purity all matter. That's why most of the products with similar ingredients in the market produce different results even on the same person. ACTIVITA as a prestigious skin vitamin brand is made of the highest grade of active vitamins suitable for the skin and all the formulations are pH balanced to maintain the vitamin activity, ideal for skin correction and blemish prevention. Without quality, the skin won't get enough nutrients and the claimed benefits would not be achieved. 


3. Packaging matters

Now a great quality product is formulated and perfectly pH balanced, but it's not over yet, as the final products that get delivered to the consumers are contained in retail packages that determine the shelf life and product efficacy after opening. Active skin vitamins such as A and C get oxidised easily after they are in touch with oxygen in the air, and they are also not photo stable, so clear transparent bottles will cause more degradation than brown or non-transparent packaging. As the vitamin activities degrade by the day after they are opened, it is important for them to be consumed quickly. In order to make sure that the active skin vitamins remain potent after they are opened, ACTIVITA vitamin bottles are contained in pharma bottles sealed according to clinical standards to prevent air from getting in, and once they are open, they can be consumed within 30 days as each bottle is only filled with 10ml of active vitamin compounds, and this ensures that no product would be wasted due to oxidation and photo damage. Compared with 30ml packages, 10ml is tested to be more suitable for active vitamins that are unstable and easily get photo damaged, so that not a drop gets wasted, which in the long run would save money for consumers. That's how ACTIVITA upholds the highest standard in the industry in all the product aspects.


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