How to Keep Women’s Skin Staying Plump and Youthful Over 30


Once women reach their 30s and beyond, it’s common to experience changes in skin due to natural aging, stress and over exposure. Many find themselves confused as to how they should alter their skincare routine and recapture their younger complexion, so here’s some well researched tips and recommendations of our clinically approved products for how to keep skin looking youthful after 30.

What Are Some Common Issues Women Face After 30 and How Can We Help?

Lines and Wrinkles/ Dark Circles

One of the most common and difficult parts of aging are lines and wrinkles which can often accompany the aging process. Lines and wrinkles often appear around problem areas such as the eyes and mouth due to a combination of natural aging which happens when the outer layer of skin (epidermis) begins to thin. Dark circles can also often accumulate from the challenges women face as they age due to tiredness and stress. The combination of these issues often leaves women lacking confidence and can even have an impact on dating and relationships where women don’t feel comfortable without makeup when waking up next to a partner.

Luckily, we have solutions here at NO FACE which combat these problems which can severely boost confidence and happiness. The most important product which combats lines and circles is the DERMATOLOGY SCIENCE FORMULA MOLECULAR HYALURONIC ACID HYDRATOR which works by plumping lines and circles. The product contains a perfect blend of ingredients including sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid which provide collagen support which encourages skin rejuvenation, bringing plumpness back into aged skin and ridding it of fine lines and dark circles. A unique feature about this product is that the hydrator highlights on hyaluronic acids that are molecularly weighted to be more absorbable, which means the highest possible level of hydration can be achieved.


Sun Damage/ UV Exposure

As women age, skin is exposed to much more UV light which if not treated, over time this can result in sunspots, giving the effect of a pigmented complexion as well as worn out looking skin. Not only does overexposure result in health risks, but the skin appears aged more so than it necessarily should.

Luckily, at NO FACE we have several products which can combat the effects of this. One of the most effective products to incorporate into a skincare routine to bring back it’s vibrancy is an effective cleanser such as our H4O™ RESOLVE HD WASH FOAM (FACE CLEANSER) which de-conjects pours, can be used daily when washing the face and helps prep the skin for rejuvenation. This is especially important for damaged skin as it needs to be prepped for rejuvenation.

This can also be paired with our CLARÏFÍER HIGH DEFINITION HYDRO EXFOLIATOR which can be used once to twice a week to remove dead skin and reverse damage from aging. This product works by gently removing dead skin cells with a serum formula which peels away dead skin cells and embedded impurities making way for skin to naturally revitalise, reversing UV and aging damage.

Dehydrated/ Puffy Skin

As lifestyles change after 30, dehydrated skin and puffiness become all too common and leave skin looking tired, dried out and all together more aging. Busy lifestyles often leave skin looking lifeless and can result in women lacking confidence. NO FACE have products which can reverse this process and make skin glow once more.

After the DERMATOLOGY SCIENCE FORMULA MOLECULAR HYALURONIC ACID HYDRATOR has been used to rejuvenate the skin and tackle fine lines, the ACTIVITA® VITAL CREAM FOR SENSITIVE & DRY SKIN is the perfect solution to combat dryness and puffiness and leave the skin glowing again. The formula is made up of micro ceramides, vitamin E, vitamin B5 as well as micro squalane which combine to combat redness and tiredness, bringing back a youthful complexion to tired skin. It’s an easily applied serum which can be massaged into the skin daily and will quickly bring back the natural confidence that accompanies a fresh-faced glow.


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