How to Keep your Skin Looking Flawless in April


Depending on your time zone, April represents a transitional change in season into Spring or Autumn which will in turn bring about changes in how skin reacts to our surroundings, and it’s always wise to make sure your skin is prepared for these changes.

How Do Seasonal Changes Impact Our Skin?

Transitioning into the month of April means a movement out of the harsher winter months for some, which also means weather suddenly becomes hot and humid and UV exposure is more of a threat. It’s also important to note that sometimes we don’t take the precautions we usually would in the summer months as sun exposure is more subtle. Sun exposure can also open the threat of oiliness and acne flares, making skin sensitive to blemishes or irritation more so than usual.


If transitioning into April means the weather starts to get cooler, you may see your skin experiencing changes in similar ways. Cooler weather can result in skin drying out more easily or being more prone to inflammation as the weather starts to get colder. UV exposure is also still a threat; however, people may not be as prepared as they would be in the Spring/Summer months. It’s important to keep on top of these changes and make sure skin doesn’t suffer.


How Do We Keep Our Skin Looking Great?

At NO FACE, we have years of dermatology experience and have come up with some simple, easy to follow solutions which will keep your skin prepared for whatever the month of April may bring.


Make Sure to Exfoliate

One of the most important parts of skincare at any time of year is exfoliation, however this is especially important when transitioning into new seasons. Our CLARÏFÍER HIGH DEFINITION HYDRO EXFOLIATOR is perfect as the formula allows for exfoliation without scrubbing which removes dead skin cells making way for a rejuvenated look.


Exfoliators should be applied about once or twice a week by applying to a slightly damp face, massaging for 30-60 seconds and then rinsing thoroughly. Regularly using an exfoliation product allows for a blank canvas to be created where skin can be repaired from the damage it experiences throughout the changes of season. Our product has a serum like texture which avoids the scrubbing that usually comes with exfoliators, while still having the same purifying effect which decongests the skin and makes way for a fresh and rejuvenated complexion.

Replenish With Serums Afterwards

After skin has been exfoliated, it should be replenished with serums which can also be incorporated into daily skincare routines in order to keep skin in the best conditions possible during weather transitions. One of our serums which works great after exfoliation and as a regular part of a daily skincare regime is our ACTIVITA SUPREME SKIN VITAMIN C COMPLEX which contains antioxidant solution which helps reduce photo damage while also brightening the complexion. The serum is perfect for controlling any damage the changing weather may inflict and can be applied by patting onto dry skin until fully absorbed.

As well as this, our DERMATOLOGY SCIENCE FORMULA PHOTO CORRECTOR works as the perfect serum to combat the month of April and any unwanted reactions it may bring. The advanced formula contains a clinical grade form of active ascorbic acid, Oligopeptie-34 and tranexamic acid which combine to correct pigmentation issues and repair damaged skin while also acting as a hydrator. These steps combined help to revitalise the skin and keep it glowing the best that it can throughout any changes the season may bring.


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