Men's Skincare 5 Steps

On average, men's skin is around 23% thicker than female skin.

Male skin has more hyperactive sebaceous glands due to hormones.

Male skin has a lower pH environment, which in turn, stimulates more sebum production.

Understanding these factors help us know the resistance difference in male skin and the treatment products to be used for common male skin conditions such as acne, pore congestion, UV damage and ageing.


pH in male facial areas vs female facial areas


Based on these scientific and clinical studies, we have selected the most suitable products for the universal male skin types. (scroll down to the bottom to see all the products recommended for men.)
Step 1: Start With H4O Resolve HD Foaming Cleanser
A good decongesting foaming cleanser is what the male skin needs to remove the stubborn pore congestion and oiliness. The H4O™ RESOLVE HD WASH FOAM (FACE CLEANSER) is an advanced foaming cleanser composed of modified water, oxygenated through the pump to activate its powerful dissolving quality. Perfect for the male complexion for oil removal and pore clarification.
H2O vs. H4O
Step 2: Exfoliate but DO NOT Scrub!
The good old traditional facial scrubbing exfoliants are outdated, not just that, research has shown that they cause so much trauma to the epidermis that the skin becomes inflamed after being scrubbed. That's why we formulated the Clarifier HD Hydro Exfoliant. It's a 5 star exfoliant with a serum texture to gently remove the dead skin without any beads. The CLARÏFÍER HIGH DEFINITION HYDRO EXFOLIATOR is just as effective at decongesting the skin and removing blackheads and whiteheads, however, this is done more gently and without scrubbing which leaves the skin less irritated. It’s super effective at getting rid of dead skin cells and keeping skin glowing while also considering irritations male skin might face through shaving.
Step 3: Tackle the Acne with Power Enzymatic Salicylic (BHA) & Azelaic Acids
Tingle Tingle Little Star
A warning to all men who dare to try this tingling and irritating skin treatment, it will eat away the blemishes on top of the skin and it literally feels like having a thousand ants crawling and eating away those pimples and pore congestion. Why? That is due to the potent golden triangle formula - BHA, Azelaic acid and Active Enzymes. These 3 potent ingredients are antibacterial, anti-inflammation and can penetrate the epidermis to remove deep pore congestions and kill the bad bacteria causing blemishes. However, the catch is that these are not going to make the skin feel good, but it only takes around 60 minutes for the sensation to be over, and if you need to reduce the tingling sensation, mix it with the ACTIVITA B or Evolve. The CLARÏFÍER™ ENZY HIGH DEFINITION ADVANCED PORETECH FORMULA can clear up any outbreaks. This product targets impurities such as pore impurities and acne outbreaks and can be used daily or up to twice a week as a method of keeping acne breakouts under control. 
Step 4: Activate & Repair With Active Vitamins
Dermal vitamin A B and C are the most clinically studied ingredients for skin treatments around the world and 100% recommended by renowned dermatologists. Since men’s skin is typically more prone to oiliness due to the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands, it’s important to use the Reversinol in ACTIVITA A, which is a retinoic acid derivative, providing 10x more conversion rate than normal Retinol, to accelerate cellular turnover rate in order to activate the skin's natural renewal system for rejuvenated and less blemished skin. which can help to balance this. Another perfect product to go with the A and to repair the epidermal barrier is the ACTIVITA SUPREME SKIN VITAMIN B COMPLEX that combats oily skin by reducing sebum production through vitamins B3 and calming down the skin with B5. The marine algae extract contains growth factors to strengthen the dermal immune system to kiss blemishes goodbye. To finish it off, the ACTIVITA C is a must have antioxidant for the skin for men. ACTIVITA C is studied to be effective against premature ageing and intrinsic ageing process in the skin, meaning that it can reduce signs of wrinkles and promotes the appearance of collagen to make the skin fuller especially for men over 25. ACTIVITA C contains the golden antioxidant formula of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid, but also improved the stability of Vitamin C. Rather than the traditional Ascorbic Acid that rapidly oxidises out of factory, the ACTIVITA C is laboratory made with a stable version of Vitamin C with our patented Antioxynol. Antioxynol is a potent Vitamin C derivative from 3-O-Ethylated Ascorbic Acid for the maximum antioxidant effects to reverse the signs of ageing. As seen in the apple experiment in our ACTIVITA Lab in Sydney Australia, the hydration retention level and vitality is greatly reserved due to the presence of ACTIVITA C Antioxynol. After 24 hours, the side with ACTIVITA C looks young, fresh and juicy, while the other natural side is aged significantly due to oxidation and the environmental exposure. The C then acts as a barrier of hydration while correcting blemishes to correct any signs of photo damage and even out the skin tone.
Step 5: Hyaluronic Acid
The final step in our routine is to replenish the skin using the DERMATOLOGY SCIENCE FORMULA MOLECULAR HYALURONIC ACID HYDRATOR which repairs the skin through clinical grade Hyaluronic Acid made with patented Micro Intercellular Technology for the smallest molecular sizes available for dermal absorption, mixed with macro molecular Hyaluronic Acids for barrier hydration retention, repairing the skin throughout the epidermis, allowing the dermis to re-model the growth patterns from deep within. Men’s skin can go through a lot of stress through shaving so it’s important to make sure skin is being rehydrated. This can be used either in the morning or evening and is the perfect step for encouraging healthy skin which has the right balance to keep youthfulness at its best.
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