Organic Skin Care | Why is NO FACE Probiotic Skin Care most Effective?

Why are NO FACE Products the most Effective?

At NO FACE our product development approach is through evidence based research and testing by dermatologists, doctors and researchers from both Australia and overseas. The products are formulated first and cell experiments are carried out in laboratories. Once our theories are proven by the lab results, we then put the products through three different stages of clinical trials on humans before they become available in the market. The whole process is especially time consuming and finance draining. That's why more than 99.8% of skin care companies don't develop products this way. But at NO FACE we believe in our pro-life approach, simple because it is the only way to be able to offer a high quality product that truly has its claimed benefits. We do this to help our clients achieve healthier skin and wellbeing in the long run. We only use certified Australian organic ingredients and combine them with state of the art technology to extract the nutrients and maintain their natural attributes. 


What is NO FACE Immunity Moisturiser?

NO FACE® Immunity Moisturiser is a premium Australian organic dermaceutical skin care product. It is formulated and developed by the Australian Dermaceutical Lab to ensure the highest quality. All the ingredients are organically grown in Australia and are non-GMO. This nano-molecular moisturiser contains an active dermal probiotic blend that provides deep hydration and it's capable of boosting the skin's immune system, resulting in Deep Hydration, Reduced Impurities, Reduced Clogged Pores, Reduced Chronic Acne and Rosacea, and Improved Skin Tone and Texture.


What does NO FACE® Immunity Moisturiser do?


1.Providing Deep Hydration

The NO FACE Immunity Moisturiser provides deep hydration to the skin. Not on top of the skin, but deep into the skin and at a cellular level. Deep hydration helps with the skin's natural metabolism which stimulates cell growth naturally.


2. Re-Balancing Dermal System

Problem skin types (enlarged and clogged pores, acne, rosacea, oily, etc) are often associated with unbalanced hormones within the body and bacteria on the skin. NO FACE Immunity is capable of re-balancing the dermal system by providing high potency probiotics and selective natural nutritional extracts that clear up unhealthy cell build ups and bacteria, infusing the cells with bio-compatible organic compounds to assist with natural cellular growth.


3.Providing Non-Essential and Essential Dermal Nutrients

NO FACE Immunity Moisturiser provides non-essential nutrients, which are nutrients that are not produced by our bodies and must be supplied topically. Essential nutrients are produced by our bodies but may not be enough or unbalanced due to various reasons. Non-essential nutrients are not produced by the body and must be supplied. NO FACE Immunity Moisturiser provides both of these nutrients directly to the cells. With the state of the art cellular delivery system, promoting natural dermal metabolism so that your skin can keep the nutrients it needs and get rid the excessive ones. 






It is suitable for


Aged skin types: Repairing damaged cells, promoting circulation and providing mitachondrial support for the skin. It brings in organic dermal nutrients cellularly, resulting in firmer, younger and smoother looking skin.  

Uneven skin tone: Uneven skin tone is often caused by uneven distribution of pigmentation due to poor circulation and damaged skin cells. NO FACE Immunity promotes circulation at a cellular level and provides effective essential organic plant extracts containing nature's highest quality antioxidants to combat free radicals to repair damaged cells, resulting in a more even and brighter skin tone.

Acne and rosacea skin types: There are various reasons known to cause acne and rosacea, and NO FACE Immunity targets all of those issues by solving the fundamental problem - dermal immunity. These skin types have an unbalanced dermal system and the skin is further damaged by bad bacteria and the damaged skin promotes even more bad bacteria and makes the condition even worse. NOFACE Immunity re-balances the dermal system by providing an advanced blend of high potency probiotics that is gentle on damaged cells and it also contains penetrating organic agents to deliver nutrients to repair cells, rather than using antibiotics or other anti-immunity chemical ingredients. There are around 250 billion active probiotics in one bottle of NOFACE Immunity, 5 billions per ml. The result is reduced inflammation, improved cellular circulation for reduced acne build-up. It has been clinically proven to treat acne and rosacea organically. 

Dry skin: NOFACE Immunity contains nature's highest quality hydrating ingredients, and combined with state of the art nano delivery technology to actually hydrate the skin at a cellular level rather than just on the surface, resulting in long term hydrated skin without excessive moist and oil.

Oily and combination skin: NOFACE Immunity contains organic oils but essentially does not contain any oil at all (by attributes), because all of the nutritional oil extracts are broken down by nano technology, leaving only the essential nutrients delivered to the cells directly and they do not leave a thick layer on top of the skin. It only provides hydrating and nutritional values to the skin, thus benefiting oily and combination skin types as they need hydrating rather than excessive oil. 



NO FACE Immunity Moisturiser is formulated with nano-molecular plant extracts for the ultimate dermal penetration for hydration. The nano-molecularized plant essential oil extracts do not work as heavy weighted oil anymore, but make effects on a cellular level to repair the damaged cells and protect the cells directly rather than forming a layer on the surface level. The probiotic blend works to get rid of bad bacteria and stop the skin from being further damaged while the rest of the active organic ingredients repair the skin. The formula promotes natural skin circulation rather than blocking the pores as traditional moisturizers do. The Immunity Moisturizer gradually helps the skin re-balance dermal system, get rid of dirt, excessive oil, bad bacteria and other blockage that cause skin problems and leave the skin deeply hydrated with healthy cellular growth. NOFACE Immunity Moisturizer is made of premium certified organic ingredients grown in Australia and does not contain any chemical.





Australian Dermaceutical Organization Certified Dermaceutical Grade


Ingredients include:




Direction: Press the cap once or twice for a small amount and tap gently and evenly into the skin. Use days and nights after cleansing. 



Product of Australia 


24 Reasons for choosing NOFACE Immunity Moisturizer 

  1. Clinically tested to strengthen skin immunity and clear up acne and rosacea

  2. Each drop of NOFACE Immunity contains a whopping 5 billion of active probitics 

  3. Formulated and clinically tested by the Australian Dermaceutical Lab and produced according to the highest standards in the dermaceutical industry

  4. It provides deep hydration to the skin

  5. It repairs damaged cells due to free radicals and UV

  6. It helps build a stronger immunity for the skin

  7. It evens the skin tone, reduces pore size, balances oily skin

  8. It improves skin texture for more elastic and youthful quality.

  9. It is suitable for sensitive skin

  10. It is suitable for using during pregnancy

  11. It doesn't interact with any sunscreen or cosmetic product

  12. It doesn't need to be refrigerated for the active probiotics

  13. Its nanomolecular ingredients penetrate the skin gently rather than blocking the pores

  14. The Moisturizer is 100% Natural

  15. Non-GMO

  16. No Chemical

  17. No Paraffin

  18. No Gluten

  19. No Animal Product

  20. No Mineral Oil

  21. Premium certified Australian organic ingredients.

  22. It is safe and suitable for use for a long term

  23. It doesn't cause irritation

  24. Natural organic scent that is enjoyable and uplifting.


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