Seasonal Cleansing Routine (Spring)

Seasonal changes means that the humidity levels are different, microbiomes in the environment becomes different and they result in the skin reactions being different as the skin is constantly responding to the environmental stimulants. These transitions often means that the skin can be more sensitive and dry skin can be temporarily oily and oily skin can feel a bit dry at times. These changes can make the skin feel uncomfortable and even a bit itchy. So what should we do ?

Start with the basics. You may need to change your skin cleansing routine. 

1. Use a suitable cleanser

Generally we still recommend using a foaming cleanser such as H4O Resolve HD, as it targets universal skin pollutants and makeup, so that the majority of the pollutants are dissolved, leaving the skin refreshed. However the Resolve HD is potent enough to make some extremely sensitive skin types feel a bit too strong, and that's when you should switch to H4O Oxygen Aqua, a non-foaming cleanser that also provides deep resolution for pore congestion, but this extra gentle and nourishing formula wouldn't cause irritation, and it also removes daily makeup. 

2. Exfoliate well

This cannot be said enough. Spring isn't a time when the skin is taking a break from shedding. Instead, due to the humidity in the air, dead skin becomes even more trapped on the skin surface, causing more pore congestion for some people. Therefore, a gentle non-scrubbing exfoliant WITHOUT acids would be crucial. Try Clarifier Hydro Exfoliator with Keratease to attach to the dead skin and remove them efficiently. All you need to do is applying it on dry skin after routine cleansing, and rub it against the skin until dead skin comes off, that simple! 

3. Use FacePal 

We don't live in the days when you still use fingers to brush your teeth, or have you ever tried that?! Then you should definitely not wash your face without a professional tool such as the Fibrous FacePal. Many people are still not used to it, but once you understand how it works and have tried it, you won't want to live without it. FacePal is made with Face Fibers that are microscopically measured to reach into deep pores to physically bring out the gunks and pollutants logged inside the pores causing blackheads, whiteheads and inflammation. Using it is easy,  you just need to use it to wipe the entire face and focus on the nose where extra attention is needed. The pad also contains a Face Sponge in the middle so that it won't dry the skin out while providing deep pore decongestion. 

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