ACTIVITA ACE ++ Eye Cream - No Face Skincare
ACTIVITA ACE ++ Eye Cream - No Face Skincare
ACTIVITA ACE ++ Eye Cream - No Face Skincare
ACTIVITA ACE ++ Eye Cream - No Face Skincare
ACTIVITA ACE ++ Eye Cream - No Face Skincare
ACTIVITA ACE ++ Eye Cream - No Face Skincare
ACTIVITA ACE ++ Eye Cream - No Face Skincare
ACTIVITA ACE ++ Eye Cream - No Face Skincare
ACTIVITA ACE ++ Eye Cream - No Face Skincare
ACTIVITA ACE ++ Eye Cream - No Face Skincare
ACTIVITA ACE ++ Eye Cream - No Face Skincare


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  • Eye Skin: Deep nourishment + hydration
  • Target: Crow's feet, aged eyes
  • Rejuvenation: Vitamin A C E + Peptides
ACTIVITA ACE++ Eye Cream is an advanced clinical under eye cream for aging skin. This nourishing eye cream deeply hydrates the skin around the eyes, infuses the surrounding areas with essential vitamins and minerals for the eyes to naturally recover from fatigue. Multi-Peptides in this eye cream boosts signs of collagen growth and re-build photo damaged and lax skin. Therefore, signs of wrinkles, lines, crow's feet are visibly reduced over time. 
Age:   20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s+
Gender:   All genders
Designed for:   Tired and stressed eyes due to digital exposure
Skin Concerns:   Under Eye Dark circles, Puffiness, Fatigue, Wrinkles
SKINNO type   Dry, Sensitive, Hyperpigmented, Lax
Product Attributes:   No Alcohol, No Acid, No Fragrance, No Sting
How to use:   Apply after cleansing, toning and serum
Day/Night   Day and Night
Size:   15 ml
Storage: Keep in cool dry place, keep away from direct sunlight. Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.
Country of Origin:   Australia


The eyes are exposed to electronic devices emitting sensitising light wavelengths that cause stress and fatigue to the eyes, resulting in tired looks with dark circles and puffiness. Lines and wrinkles occur due to accelerated ageing.

The ACE ++ Eye cream is designed to target these issues (Under Eye Treatment, or around the eyes for wrinkles.)

Packed with super antioxidants, this soothing eye cream is formulated to re-energize the eyes, de-puff the skin around the eyes and reduce dark circles.

With zero alcohol, fragrance and sensitising ingredients, this eye cream provides soothing and calming effects to reduce the feelings of fatigue and stress due to digital exposure.

In this process, the vitamin A derivative smoothes the skin around the eyes to reduce static wrinkle appearance.


UNBURDEN THE EYES. This light textured cream provides instant hydration to replenish the lipids and essential vitamins around the eyes. Small molecules in this formulation provide sufficient active properties for a natural brilliant effect. Vitamin B5 in its small molecular forms are used along with Vitamin E to provide a lasting soothing effect for stressed eyes. Vitamin K and stabilised vitamin C are incorporated to correct all signs of dark circles and puffiness, effectively assist the entire area to activate a sustained environment for de-puffed and brightened vivid eye appearance. The combination of multi-peptides and micro encapsulated retinol provides effective firming and tightening effects. The skin around the eyes becomes visibly smoother, brighter with reduced look of fine lines and wrinkles. The result is deep transformation. 


  1. Reduce dark circles.
  2. Reduce puffiness.
  3. Reduce feelings of tiredness and stress.


Ceramide, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Eye Brilliance Peptide Complex-2

Key Ingredients:
SHEA BUTTER (Natural occlusive skin conditioning moisturiser with natural antioxidants)
VITAMIN A C E Complex (Potent brightening & rejuvenating factors)
VITAMIN K (Circulation booster)
PALMITOYL TETRAPEPTIDE-7 (cellular rejuvenating peptide)

Formulated with encapsulated vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E for a time released skin delivery for sustained benefits.

Full Ingredients: AQUA(Humectant), GLYCERIN(Skin conditioning, Active ingredient carrier), SHEA BUTTER(Skin conditioning, Moist retention), BUTYLENE GLYCOL(Humectant, Viscosity agent), CERAMIDE(Fatty acids, Barrier protection), PANTHENOL(Vitamin B5, Skin conditioning), 3-0 - ETHYL ASCORBIC ACID(Vitamin C, Antioxidant, Skin brightening), TOCOPHEROL(Vitamin E, Antioxidant, Skin conditioning), PHYLLOQUINONE(Vitamin K, Skin conditioning, Circulation booster), PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE -1 (Emollient derived from soy protein). PALMITOYL TETRAPEPTIDE- 7(Emollient derived from soy protein), XANTHAM GUM(Texture enhancer), 1,2 HEXANEDIOL(Organic preservative, Emollient), RETINOL(Vitamin A derivative, Skin renewal), PHENOXYETHANOL(Organic preservative, Cosmetic biocide), ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN (Organic preservative, Emollient), CARBOMER(Emulsion stabiliser, Viscosity agent), GLUTAMINE(Emollient, Skin conditioning)

ACE++ Advanced Eye Cream


Multi Vitamins + Peptides

Vitamin A C E +Peptides+K

All in One Eye Rejuvenation

Feel it first

Sensory Profile


Did you know?

Clinical Trial

Hormone Free

only essential vitamins+Peptides


The ACE++ Eye Cream contains Vitamin K to boost the circulation around the eyes. If the dark circles are due to circulation, then this eye cream may help. Vitamin A and C are in this formula to renew and brighten the skin for pigmentation related issues. If the dark circles are due to pigmentation issues, this eye cream may also help.

Signs of deep wrinkles can be reduced by this advanced formula naturally. This process stimulates the periorbital skin's natural collagen production so that the results are long lasting, however, it can take 3-6 months for the collagen production to show.

Use this eye cream as a massage cream around the eyes to boost the circulation through lymphatic drainage in order to exclude excessive fluid retention causing puffiness and eye bags.

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