Ask Skin Advisor: "Do I need to use different skincare ingredients to treat different kinds of wrinkles?"

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Different types of wrinkles may require different skincare ingredients to treat them.

Fine lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage may benefit from products containing retinoids like the Evolve Hydro Retinol Serum.

On the other hand, wrinkles caused by dryness may benefit from products containing hyaluronic acid like the Molecular Hydrator.

The Glyca De-stressor is formulated with clinical grade form of active Niacinamide + Matrixyl 3000 in a time released solution to target skin ageing by addressing NAD+ depletion and glycation concerns.

Aside from treating hyperpigmentation, the Photo Corrector helps improve skin tone, elasticity, and overall health, it aims to create an environment where wrinkles are less pronounced and skin appears smoother and more youthful. 


Remember, your journey to smoother, youthful-looking skin begins with a well-crafted skincare routine tailored to your unique needs.

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