Foaming Cleanser Explained

When it comes to skincare and pore care in particular, it seems to be an eternal battle against blackheads and whiteheads. Pores are structures that help the skin breathe, while a little bit of sebum could help hydrate and lock in the moisture properly, an excessive amount could lead to pore congestion and blackheads, making the skin look inflamed and yucky. Marie Claire has recently provided some tips on correcting and maintaining pore issues in skincare.  

Why you need a foaming cleanser

Almost a decade ago, rumours had it that foaming cleansers did more damage than good to the skin, well maybe that was a decade old science, but as technologies improved, formulations and surfactants in foaming cleansers have taken a huge leap towards more natural and cleaner ingredients. 

The older generations of foaming cleansers may have been formulated with aggressive industrial chemicals that would be too harsh on the skin, and would damage the skin environment, causing the skin dry, chapped and irritated. However, that's no longer the case with newer forms of facial cleansing foams. At NO FACE, the research and development scientists have combined surfactants at a molecular level to remove molecular electrons to make every molecule count when it comes to cleansing. These deionised molecules would work to dissolve non-bio particles while leaving the skin's top layer intact. This new formulation has lead to professional skin clinics to adopt and recommend H4O as a daily must have facial cleanser that effectively take away the dirt and leave the pores clarified and de-congested.

Find out how it works below,


H4O Foam Cleanser


Experiment: Foundation vs No Foundation with H4O. 

It's easy to see that H4O Foam only Interacts with pollutants such as makeup, so the side without the foundation is uninterrupted, suggesting that it won't interact and harm normal skin. 

H4O can dissolve makeup, sunscreen and other stubborn skin products, and still be gentle on the skin. The side without foundation maintains unchanged. 

H4O is formulated with sustainability in mind, with clean ingredient sources from Australia, and processed through patented intercellular technology to carefully dissolve non-bio particles while staying out of the skin barrier. Most suitable for people who wear makeup, sunscreen, or with oily skin types facing an environment that clogs the pores. It's a must have for daily skin cleansing. 

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