Here’s Why Our ACTIVITA Vitamin A, B, & C Complexes Should Be a Part of Everyone’s Skincare Routine

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Regardless of age, gender or skin type, a healthy and restorative skincare routine should incorporate essential vitamins, including A, B & C. Our ACTIVITA Essential Vitamins range contain the necessary ingredients to incorporate into your routine.


Why Are Vitamins Important for Our Skin?


Vitamins are an important part of our daily lives, and most people would consider the vitamins they ingest in their food or incorporate daily vitamins through tablets or supplements. They are equally as important for our skin, in fact, vitamins A, B and C are the most studied vitamins with the widest range of clinical data for dermatological applications.

Most people have probably already heard about the importance of these vitamins, but there are a lot more specifics to these vitamins that aren’t usually made available to the general public. Vitamins A B and C are just generic categories for these vitamins, and it comes down to the actual form of the particular vitamin to be used. For example, L-ascorbic acid is an active form of vitamin C, and often the most active and potent form, but one that gets oxidized quickly and requires extreme acidity to be kept active, that’s why some people get severe side effects from using some formulas that aren’t formulated for universal skin types. Other forms of Vitamin C such as SAP, MAP and Tetra C are also available in different formulas. However, not all forms of these vitamins are readily absorbable by the skin and the results can vary significantly. The determining factors for choosing these vitamin variants should be skin type and skin concerns.

Given that Vitamin C as a group would provide similar results regardless of the variant, if the skin absorbs and converts well into L-ascorbic Acid as the end product, so it’s more about the user experience and delivery system in the formula that ensures the product delivery and the conversion rate. You may wonder, of the end result should always be L-ascorbic acid, then doesn’t it mean only L-ascorbic acid should be used topically, wouldn’t this be easier? However, this assumption is based on the idea that the skin would take in the ascorbic acid and keep it that way, but the human skin is more complicated, due to the presence of protease and various enzymes, the epidermal system has already broken down the majority of the L-ascorbic acid before reaching the dermis (if any), so the end result is often not the same L-ascorbic acid as applied on the skin initially. In order to guarantee the conversion to L-ascorbic acid, other Vitamin C variants can be used for more stable and better conversion rate and absorption. This is only one example for Vitamin C.

Vitamin A forms in Retinoic acids also face similar issues. This is why skin vitamins are not all equal. Good research based formulas such as in NO FACE products, are studied and trialled to provide more sustained conversion through patented delivery system through molecular science. So yes, vitamins ABC should be a part of everyone’s routine, and ACTIVITA is a professional vitamin brand under NO FACE with proven efficacy and consumer data to make your product decision easier.


Why Is Vitamin A Important?


Vitamin A serums are important for reversing signs of damage and boosting a youthful appearance in the skin’s complexion. It’s important for tackling skin concerns such as congestion, hyperpigmentation, blemishes and wrinkles.

Vitamin A is widely available as a retinoid, such as our ACTIVITA SUPREME SKIN VITAMIN A COMPLEX which is specifically tailored to avoid skin irritation through the Reversinol proprietary retinoic complex which encourages the regeneration of the skin to create a smoother texture. Reversinol has a much higher conversion rate than normal Retinol and with much less irritation and potential side effects, ideal for beginners and people with sensitive skin.  


Why Is Vitamin B Important?


Vitamin B is important in the world of skincare due it’s rejuvenating energies. It’s especially useful to aid problems associated with hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tones, blemishes, oiliness, congestion and wrinkles.

Our ACTIVITA SUPREME SKIN VITAMIN B COMPLEX incorporates ingredients B3 and B5 to improve the lipid barrier which regulates oil production and minimises pore appearances. This is done through the encouraging of hyaluronic acid synthesis which improves the skin’s overall look. The Niacinamax as the name suggests, is a potent dosage for vitamin B, so only 3-5 drops would be needed for the entire face, and it’s best coupled with the Molecular Hydrator in the Dermatology Science range.


Why Is Vitamin C Important?


Vitamin C is used in skincare to aid the production of collagen and brighten the complexion. Vitamin C works as an impressive antioxidant which can protect the skin. It is useful for its brightening effects, its hydrating abilities and its anti-aging functions as well as reversal of damaging impacts such as UV damage.

Our ACTIVITA SUPREME SKIN VITAMIN C COMPLEX works by using our proprietary supreme antioxidant complex, which is 20 times more stable than normal l-ascorbic acid, allowing the free radicals to be fully eradicated, and seals hydration to secure a glowing complexion while also repairing damaged skin, evening the skin tone and general rejuvenation. The product contains vitamin C, vitamin E, Ferulic Acid and 4-Butylresorciol which all work in unison to keep skin glowing at its best condition.


How Should I Use With My Skincare Routine in the Morning?


In the morning, it’s important to combine vitamins BC as their combined effect is most suited for daytime wear. Along with any other skincare steps or with a daily moisturiser,  ACTIVITA SUPREME SKIN VITAMIN B COMPLEX can be applied by distributing a small amount of product onto the palm and distributing evenly across the skin while avoiding the eyes. This can be combined with ACTIVITA SUPREME SKIN VITAMIN C COMPLEX which can be applied by applying onto dry, clean skin, patting until the serum is fully absorbed.


Vitamin B is useful during the day as it’s a product which can be incorporated into either a day or night-time routine. Vitamin C is particularly useful for the daytime routine due to its antioxidant qualities and protection from UV damage, which is perfect for protecting against daytime exposure.


How Should I Use Them in the Evening?


In the evening, vitamins AB are the appropriate combination. As mentioned before, our ACTIVITA SUPREME SKIN VITAMIN B COMPLEX can be used both in the daytime and at night. It can be combined with our ACTIVITA SUPREME SKIN VITAMIN A COMPLEX which can be applied by distributing an even amount onto the palm of the hand and then transferring onto the skin, patting instead of rubbing.


Our vitamin B complex continues the actions it achieves in the day through to night and the rejuvenating effects of out Vitamin A complex are perfect for soothing the skin and allowing it to repair and reverse damage overnight. The combination of all these products will achieve a fundamental base to healthy skincare.


NO FACE is an innovative next generation clean skincare brand. Next Gen Skincare means NO Toxin, NO Fragrance, NO Fake claims, NO Bias against skin types, NO Unfair treatment to the environment and workers. With patented technologies and researched new ingredients that are more effective, selective, sustainable and bio friendly, NO FACE is a leading social impact aware skincare brand towards 100% sustainability.

Take a 4D assessment to find out your real skin type. Consult with our accredited advisor for skin matching products through

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