How long does it take for Vitamin A (Retinol, Retinal, HPR) to work?

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You've started the highly recommended Vitamin A skin routine for wrinkles, open and closed comedones and hyperpigmentation (dark spots), but you aren't seeing the results as expected ? Here's what you can do. 


6-12 months (Retinol Only)

1-3 months (Boosted with Clarifier ENZY )

Retinol is one of the golden standard to treat facial lines and static wrinkles. When used at night, a potent Retinol product can renew the skin for epidermal resurfacing and help shed the superficial wrinkles. Deep results would occur after continued usage for over 6-12 months depending on the individual skin. That means the stimulation in the dermis level would only occur very slowly, as a natural stimulation process. That's why wrinkle reduction never occurs quickly. Think of it like toning up the body, it doesn't take overnight to build muscles and lose fat for a shaped up body, as it takes a natural process to gradually build, same effects for skin, you need the stimulation from the best active ingredients such as a good Retinol, but don't frustrate if you don't see quick results, trust the process and stick to your nightly routine. If you still don't see any result after 3 months, that means you need to change to a stronger Retinol such as a Dermatology Retinol - Evolve.  If your skin can sustain a bit booster from Clarifier ENZY, then you can expect a much quicker result as it boosts Retinol absorption by up to 8 times, but it can cause some irritation. If you have sensitive skin, then use ACTIVITA A for the more advanced form of Vitamin A.  


Closed Comedones (Whiteheads)

3-6 months (Retinol Only)

1-3 months (Boosted with Clarifier ENZY )

Just like reducing wrinkles, reducing closed comedones also takes time through Retinol. However, it is absolutely worth the process. You may wonder why wouldn't you simply get a chemical peel to get things done more quickly? Right you can do that, however, a chemical peel is a quick solution to remove what's already there, it doesn't really change the skin texture for the long term. If you are desperate for an instant result, go for any peel you want, but you will still need the Retinol as a part of your daily routine even after laser or peel treatments. And if you don't want to have any clinical treatment done, you can still just use a good retinol product combined with a booster such as Clarifier ENZY in order to achieve a gradual result that would improve the skin texture for the long term. Boosting your Evolve Retinol with Clarifier by using Clarifier Exfoliator first, then the ENZY, and then applying the Evolve would boost the skin renewal result by over 8 times, forcing the closed comedones to surface and come off. This process would still take up to months on average, while some people report having reduced comedones after 3-4 weeks, it still requires time.   


Hyperpigmentation (Dark spots, UV Spots)

6-12 months (Retinol Only)

1-3 months (Boosted with Clarifier ENZY )

Melanin can be stubborn especially when it's constantly stimulated due to daily UV exposure. Sunscreen is often not enough to prevent spots, as sunscreens don't correct existing spots. For existing spots, it's important to treat daily and correct as you go, which can be a lifelong effort, but it's all about the management. Treating the skin is like eating food, you constantly need all sorts of nutritions to manage your health to correct and prevent issues. Melanin doesn't magically stop growing simply because you've used one product once. Once pigmentation is stopped and dissolved, it would come back quickly as it's only a natural skin response. Therefore, having a right skincare routine with the right products and really having it as a habit, would provide the best long term results. Most customers coming to NO FACE after multiple failed attempts of clinical treatments, as they deposit false hopes in laser or peel treatments by thinking that the pigments would permanently be gone without coming back after the treatments, without realising more profound effects melanin has on the skin. Using a good Retinoic product will enhance and sustain all clinical treatment results, and also act as a preventative measure for melanin re-growth. So yes, melanin blockers do block melanin but they need to be applied daily. Evolve is showing superior melanin reduction activities while ACTIVITA A showing more prevention activities for post treatments. Therefore, by combining them together, you get the best results for the long run. 

Ultra B3 Niacinamide

Niacinamide is another well studied and highly suggested ingredient, but due to its purity, not all B3 products are made equal. A good B3 ingredient can also boost the skin results when combined with Retinol. Again, this is a slow result and is perfect for oily and congested skin types, as a highly concentrated B3 can cause irritation to sensitive skin, that's why we don't recommend it universally. Only add it if your stubborn pigments and pore congestion absolutely needs that extra extra boost, and if that's the case, then add ACTIVITA B to your routine and pair it up with your Retinol. 


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