How sensory profile is a game changer in skincare retail

Have you ever spent a whole day trying all different samples at different stores just trying to find a product texture that you like? Skincare consumers often want to know what the products feel like before making a purchase decision. Skincare brands often give away product samples hoping to convert potential customers to try and make them fall in love. However, it's not always possible for everyone to go to the store and physically try on every single product, and most retailers simply don't ask consumers about their texture preference before making recommendations.

Our brand manager Emma walked into one of the nation's biggest major beauty retailers to buy an oil control serum, and she was immediately greeted by a lovely bubbly store associate, who introduced a $98 serum that claims to control oil for the skin. There was no tester available on the day so Emma trusted the store and made the purchase. However, the serum actually left a thick sticky layer on top of the skin, causing her to breakout, and luckily she was able to go back and replace it for a different product. Though the issue got resolved in the end, the customer experience could have been much better if the store associate could simply explain in simple terms what the product texture would be like.

With the help of cosmetic dermatologists and chemists, we developed a sensory profile for each product of every brand at NO FACE. It works by putting together a selection of descriptive words that consumers and professionals would use to describe a product texture such as sticky, fluid, occlusive, buildable, blendable, etc, so that consumers would know what texture to expect. For example, if a product has a high Fluid score, it means it feels more like fluid water that slips through your fingers, rather than more solid texture. If a product is blendable, it means it can mix with other products and makeup products without an issue etc. This way, consumers can have a better understanding of a product before they make a purchase, and this can also increase the overall customer experience by saving them time to go back for a refund or replacement. 

New data has shown that over 80% consumers put convenience as their highest indication for retail satisfaction. At NO FACE, we recognise the gaps between traditional beauty retail and the latest consumer demands, and by putting consumers first, we take all the steps necessary to improve the consumer experience with our brands.




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