Who needs to use probiotic skincare? Does it suit everyone?

You need probiotic if you:

1. Wear makeup products, including chemical-free cosmetics and sunscreen.
2. Have UV-damaged skin
3. Have dry skin and oily skin
4. Have acne-prone skin
5. Other skin problems such as rosacea and dermatitis

Probiotics are natural microorganisms classified as good bacteria that help fight illness and disease, aid in mineral metabolism and support our internal flora. Probiotics go to work on the skin in the same manner, providing antimicrobial support, protection and a calming effect. While these characteristics are ideal for most all skin types, they are particularly beneficial in acne and rosacea conditions. So should I use probiotic skincare ONLY when I have skin problems?

The answer is NO, you don't have to wait till your skin becomes insufferable to start using probiotic skincare. Everyone we can benefit from using probiotic skincare products, especially if you are one of these below:

1. If you use cosmetic products, wear makeup, use sunscreen.

Cosmetic products can be natural and organic, or can be filled with chemicals. Either way, they can cause blockage to the pores and increase bacterial growth on the surface of the skin, causing breakouts and micro-infections, which gradually lead to serious problems such as chronic blackheads, whiteheads, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, etc. The imbalance of bacteria and nutrition in the skin gets worse if you use face wash, moisturisers that contain irritating ingredients or chemicals. In the long term, your skin can become dull, fast aged, quickly damaged, uneven etc. 

Even sunscreen can cause skin problems. 

Sunscreens are either chemicals or natural derivatives that can block the pores the way cosmetic products do. It is important to thoroughly cleanse the skin after wearing makeup and sunscreen at the end of day, but that's when skin imbalance has already happened, and if it is not taken care, long term damage can happen. 

Probiotics play an important role in re-balancing the bacteria in the skin by providing good live bacteria to restore the lost microorganisms and fight against the bad ones. It is naturally occurred, but only destroyed because of improper skincare, which unfortunately has happened to almost everyone, thus, it is important to use probiotic skincare. 

Here's what normal healthy skin looks like under lab microscope, showing even skin tone, healthy unclogged pores, no breakout, no infection indicating bacteria overgrowth.

no face natural organic skincare

Long term using cosmetics and wearing sunscreen 

no face natural organic skincare

2. UV Damaged skin 

Exposure to the sun may cause damage to the skin, and UVB may even cause permanent change in the skin DNA, causing bacterial imbalance on the surface of the skin forever. It may not be accompanied by breakouts and other visible issues, but long term and more severe issues may come along. Probiotics can restore the balance on the skin by providing the active natural bacteria to the damaged cells.

3. Dry skin and Oily skin

Dry skin may have more dead cells on surface of the skin that invites more bacteria than normal. Oil trapped in the pores is incubating bad bacteria, and that is why most people with oily skin find themselves having more breakouts and pore problems.

4. Acne-prone skin

There are many reasons for acnes to occur, but one of the main reasons is bacteria overgrowth. If you have acne, it is likely that you've already used some products that contain chemicals, because they claim to be effective, and they make you feel like having some effects on your skin because they are more strong and irritating to the skin, and that is misunderstood to be 'effective'. If your skin has been damaged by both acne and chemical products, then you should stop them immediately and start using natural probiotics to restore the natural balance of the skin.

5. Other skin problems such as rosacea and dermatitis

Rosacea and other dermatitis may not be a result of bacterial overgrowth, but their occurrence do invite bacteria overgrowth, which irritates the skin further and causes more damage. That's why people with these skin issues find themselves to be in a vicious cycle of Having sensitive skin--Using products--Get worse--Using more products---Get even worse--

The good news is that probiotics are helpful in managing skin problems in the long term without causing damage. NO FACE Probiotic Skincare products are made of Australian organic ingredients with no fillers such as preservatives and wax base. We use natural botanical extracts to serve as natural preservatives for the active probiotic ingredients. Our office located in Ultimo NSW is where we manage orders and dispatch them directly to our customers. 

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